In many parts of London the canals and rivers are the only quality public spaces. The waterways are also some of the last natural habitats for wildlife in the city but no organisation is in charge of keeping them clean. The waste poses a real threat to birds, fish and other wildlife.

One of the project partners is the environmental charity Thames21, who organises clean up events in the waterways. The bottles for Rubbish Duck were collected with the help of these clean ups and the participating volunteers.

The sculpture symbolises the disregard towards the local environment but also draws attention to a larger problem plastic pollution causes globally. The sculpture will be on display during the summer and after that recycled by one of its sponsors ECO Plastics Ltd and Grundon.

Rubbish Duck will float in King’s Cross till the end of July as part of Regent’s Canal Festival and continue to Pleasure Gardens and Angel Canal Festival.

More information about the project:


Rubbish Duck is a sculpture made out of more than 2000 plastic bottles, all collected from the Thames and Regent’s Canal.

The Rubbish Duck team:

Ferdinand Povel

Essi Salonen